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Wildlife Journalist

Chester has worked as a wildlife journalist since he was 19 years old. He is Editor-In-Chief of Texas Fish & Game, host of "Moore Outdoors" radio on Newstalk AM 560 KLVI, author of 12 books on fishing, hunting and wildlife and has contributed to Tide, In-Fisherman, Deer & Deer Hunting, Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Gulf Coast Fishermean, Fate, Animals & Men, The ZAA Journal and dozens more. He is a highly sought after lecturer having given more than 500 speeches on everything from jaguar conservation to flounder fishing.



At 20 years old Chester was given his first conservation award by the Sportsman's Conservationist of Texas. It was their "Youth Conservationist Of The Year" award. The next year he became the first person to win back to back awards receiving their "Conservation Communicator Of The Year" honor. Since then he has earned multiple accolades for his conservation work from the Texas Outdoor Writer's Association, was named "Conservationist of the Year" by the Texas Soil & Conservation District in 2009, was given the "Mossy Oak Outdoors Legacy Award" for his work with kids an wildlife in 2017 and named a "Hero of Conservation" by Field & Stream magazine. He has worked actively with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department on their southern flounder conservation program and was honored by getting to release the first-ever flounder they stocked into Texas bays. He has published more than 3,000 conservation-centric articles to raise awareness to conservation issues in publications around the world and actively supports Persian fallow deer restoration into Israel with the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.



Chester and his wife Lisa are founders of the Kingdom Zoo Wildlife Center®. They seem to bring the redeeming love of Christ to hurting children through wildlife encounters. They have 75 species of exotics they use in therapeutic fashion for kids suffering abuse, neglect, special needs and in the foster system. Their flagship program is Wild Wishes® which grants exotic animal encounter to children who have a terminal illness or have lost a parent or sibling. Through this they mentor wish kids to become what they call "World Wildlife Champions" who learn to be ambassadors for wildlife conservation. They learn wildlife photography, how to handle ambassador animals, how to talk on camera and produce social media to help endangered wildlife and habitat.


Chester has appeared on dozens of television networks and programs including National Geographic, The Outdoors Channel, Fox Sports Southwest, Animal Planet, Destination America, GETV and TBN. Here's a clip of Chester having fun with a black bear at Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.