Conservation campus

Coming April 2019

Whether you want world wildlife lessons or information on North America wildlife for your home school children, scout or church group, you have come to the right place.

Would you bring your car to a mechanic who has never worked on a car? Many nature and wildlife textbooks are written by people who have rarely if ever stepped beyond the pavement.

Conservation Campus's vision is to create engaging and challenging wildlife-based content that builds an appreciation for nature.

This vision comes from years of field experience of the Moore working with wild animals and experiences like fishing for seven foot long Wells catfish in Spain's Segra River, seeing giant pandas in China, scuba diving in the Caribbean and encountering bears in the Pacific Northwest.

The curriculum, lessons and mentoring packages offered are exciting, passionate and deeply researched.

Kids will be excited to take this fun learning journey into the woods, under the water and into the wild.

Email to be put on an email list when the official website debuts and the curriculum is available.